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Welcome to the Home of
The Here & Now Meditation.

    If the word “meditation” scares you because you think it means a difficult, time consuming, or sophisticated endeavor, you may be glad to know that on this website, you will find this Here & Now Meditation to be one of the most effective but very easy meditation methods.  It is an extremely simple tool which anyone can use to find happiness and overcome suffering.  It requires very little time and education, no finance, and no instructor. This tool has been used by thousands successfully and it's free of charge. 

    Most of us believe that our experiences of mental anguish and unhappiness are caused by external forces: people and events outside of ourselves.  Our information here is based on a discovery that negative emotions (sadness, pain, anger, violence...) often come from certain processes within the mind. The mind can interpret and distort information that it receives, play back inaccurate information, and literally force us to think and feel in ways that we may not want. Often, we may want to be happy and calm, but our minds can habitually repeat painful or provoking thoughts that make us lose our natural serenity. On this website, along with this unique Here & Now Meditation method, you will find more information on the processes of our minds, how these processes can cause us to suffer, AND you will find a way we can correct them.

     We have condensed the information and put it in a booklet format. You can either READ IT and PRINT IT directly from the web site or you can DOWNLOAD it as an e-book. The length of this booklet is approximately 29 type-written pages.  The full-length ebooklet is also available free of charge in  English and several other languages.

    With just minutes of this meditation each day, you can rid yourself of suffering and be well on your way to enjoying Happiness, Inner Peace, Emotional & Physical Healing, Awareness, Compassion, Equanimity and perhaps even Enlightenment.

Blessings and Success to All.


About us:

Who We Are and Why We’re Here

     Welcome to the Here & Now Meditation Foundation. We are an organization dedicated to helping people overcome suffering so that they can find lasting happiness. We are not affiliated with any religious or political group. This site is meant to provide free information to all.

     Our information comes in four formats: a full-length book, a short booklet, an e-book, and an e-booklet. The e-book and e-booklet are free of charge and available in various forms on this site. The full-length printed book is available for purchase through, Barnes & Noble and other regular book stores.  Feel free to browse the e-book and e-booklet —they are free of charge, for you to read and distribute to others.

The Book

     Originally, we had only a short booklet as our main form of information. After distributing more than 30,000 copies of this earlier version, we found that many readers wanted more information on both the method and the knowledge underlying it. This led to the publication of our book, The Here & Now Meditation: A Quick and Effective Way to Overcome Suffering. (The booklet available on this site is a revised short version based upon this new book.)

    The first paperback, limited hardcover and the full length e-book editions are available for purchase or order through all bookstore systems.

The Booklet

    We realize that not everyone has the patience to read lengthy material. So, from the new book, we’ve condensed it back into a new booklet version of about 29 letter-size pages long. Although brief, this booklet has the basic information needed to overcome suffering and unhappiness. It is available for free on this website in three formats:

  1. Booklet (can be accessed online as a webpage)

  2. Printer-friendly version (text only, no links)

  3. E-booklet (by downloading as a PDF file)

Our Work

     Since 2002, we have been providing free printed booklets to various groups such as spiritual non-profit organizations, meditation groups in needy areas, and inmates interested in meditation. If your organization wishes to have these booklets printed and distributed to addiction rehabilitation centers, inmates and others with similar needs, please let us know.

     Currently, we are translating both the book and the booklet into other languages. We greatly welcome and appreciate any help in translation and distribution for other countries.

May we all be blessed with peace and joy.




The Here & Now Meditation BOOK, English version is now available through, Barnes & Noble, other major on-line book companies, and regular book stores. You can search with the following names of Author: "Mimi Khuc" & "Thanh-Trieu Nguyen", "Khuc, Mimi", "the Here & Now meditation"

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